That elusive 5km PB goal

After I completed Redcar Half Marathon I looked at my runkeeper splits and realised I had run the first 5km in 25.27. I have never run under 25 minutes before and it looked like I was pretty close. My next goal seemed pretty straightforward – score that PB at my local parkrun. 

I started well, further forwards in the pack than my usual so I didn’t get held up at any of the bottlenecks on the course, and I ran a good steady pace, pushing myself hard all the way – knowing I didn’t have another 16km+ to go afterwards!


I’m in the turqouise cap

I got 25.53. On the half marathon I felt like I was still just floating along at that 5km point, trying to make myself go down to a more practical pace but feeling too good to do it. Yes the parkrun is an off-road, twisting course, and so it should be slower than a road race, but I wasn’t ready for it to be slower and feel so much harder. 

I felt better when I got my results email later saying I was 19th lady and 2nd in my age group. Although I put that down to luck, and I am some way off the the 1st lady in my age group – 20.45! 

It looks like I still have some work to do, hence the focus on hills lately.

And I just worked out my 10km time too, based on my half marathon splits, and that was 52.2 so maybe I need to find a race for that too…


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